Trichogramma entomophage in integrated plant protection as means to reduce pests’ population density on annual crops

  • L. Gavrilita
Keywords: T. evanescens, T. pintoi, H. armigera, S. cerealella Ol., experiments, biological efficacy


During the 2000 to 2017 years average biological efficacy after 4 and respectively 6 treatments with Trichogramma on annual crops such as cabbage, corn, tomatoes, peas, sugar beet and soybean varied in the first variant from 74% to 90.0% whereas in the second variant varied from 60% to 76%. Pests attack on agricultural crops researched varied from 2% to 10%, after Trichogramma launching. In the untreated field, the same index varied from 16% to 90%.


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